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Guide to safe manual tree felling


This guide has been developed by Centurion Tree felling for principals and contractors involved in tree felling operations in areas around pretoria such as tree felling pretoria east, tree felling pretoria north, tree felling pretoria, tree felling moot, tree felling montana  and also tree felling johannesburg. The guide offers some advice on managing the key causes of harm in tree felling.


Part One – It includes guidance on the process a principal and contractor should use before felling commences to communicate felling hazards and agree on how to manage them.

Part Two – It includes advice on: · planning, · the five step felling process, · the seven key causes of fatal harm in felling, · wind-throw, and · tree driving. Input into the development of this resource has been received from industry stakeholders and Competent



The tree felling company owner shall identify significant hazards specific to each work area which are caused by operations over which they have control and then:

  • supply the employer with documentation on the hazards
  • jointly with the employer, determine measures to control the hazards. Before starting a harvesting contract, the principal and contractor should agree on a harvest plan. At this time, principals and contractors should share information on any potential hazards involved in the work or the site, as well as other health and safety management requirements. The harvest plan should include the principal’s requirements for the felling operation.

The harvest plan should contain the following information:

  • Maps showing road and landing locations.
  • Terrain.
  • All tree felling hazards including: cliffs, tomos, power lines, fences.
  • Stand characteristics including piece size, species, pruned/unpruned.
  • Resource consent conditions.

The processes should be known to, and followed by, the tree faller.


The employer shall ensure that a competent person is in charge of each operation, who shall supervise and ensure work is supervised and performed in a safe manner. The person in charge of felling operations controls and supervises the work to ensure that safety precautions are being observed. That person should be fully experienced in the kind of work to be undertaken. The fallers and the person in charge of the operation shall identify hazards specific to the site. Fallers need to be deemed competent, and where there is a complicating factor such as a hung-up tree, the faller should have a greater degree of experience and proven skill.

Any faller should ensure that they follow the five step felling plan.

  1. Site Assessment – Assess the stand for hazards relating to the trees, terrain, other operations, electrical conductors. Assess the strength and direction of the wind.
  2. Individual tree assessment– Look for tree defects, decay, heavy lean, or any other characteristics of the tree that may affect the felling plan. Determine if you can fell it safety and plan the felling cuts. Decide on the felling direction. This often determines whether or not the hinge will hold and it also determines which side of the tree will be the safest for the escape route.
  3. Preparation of the work area and escape route – Clear vegetation and obstacles from around the base of the tree. Always think about your escape route before you begin the felling operation. The escape route should be at a 45-degree angle opposite the felling direction. Be sure your escape route is clear of obstacles or hazards before beginning.
  4. Fell the tree using safe felling techniques – Good felling technique is critical to safe, accurate, consistent results. Forward or back lean may determine whether you need a bore cut. The degree of forward or back lean will determine how many wedges and/or whether a pull rope will be necessary and how much power may be required to pull the tree over.
  5. Retreat and observe–Remember to finish the felling cut on the safe side of the tree and use your escape route as soon as the tree begins to fall. Watch for falling material and be aware the tree can kick back or bounce when it hits the ground.

Escape route positioning 7 key causes of harm in felling

The seven key causes of harm in felling are:

  1. Working too close.
  2. Poor felling technique.
  3. Broken limbs or top.
  4. Hung-up trees.
  5. Stem movement/ rebound.
  6. Felling dead trees.
  7. Faller struck from behind.

These seven key causes of harm need to be addressed. A process should be put in place by the principal and the contractor (or employer) to assess a block before the tree faller starts work, which will identify hazards that the tree faller alone should not be expected to deal with. All dead or defective trees that could cause danger to persons using roads, skids, or tracks should be felled before extraction operations begin. This includes trees that have been disturbed by road or skid construction. The tree faller should hold the appropriate unit standard for the work and undergo refresher training and competency assessments on a regular basis. Fallers should know and recognise the situations in which they can be fatally injured including when that situation is developing around them.

Tree Trimming & Pruning: Tips & Techniques

Tree Trimming in Pretoria

Centurion Tree Felling. Tree Trimming & Pruning: Tips & Techniques In Pretoria. By knowing the basics about tree trimming and tree pruning, you may be able to handle the majority of this kind of work yourself. There are a variety of great trimming tips and pruning techniques that can help keep your trees in excellent shape. With the right knowledge and equipment, you can prune your trees as necessary to maintain their appearance and health and to eliminate potentially dangerous dead branches and other common issues.

While there are many tree trimming techniques out there, if you want to this yourself you only need to concern yourself with the basics to keep things in order. Alternatively, you can hire a professional and not think twice about it! Read our guide below for more information.

Reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree

Trees are generally trimmed for one of three purposes: aesthetics, safety or health. For example:

  • Aesthetics – Pruning a tree effectively helps to maintain its shape and appearance. However, you shouldn’t try to impose an unnatural shape or size on a tree. The amount of trimming and pruning that will be needed could seriously damage it.
  • Safety – Dead or broken branches and limbs can fall off at any time, which is a serious safety hazard. If the branches of a tree obstruct your vision while driving, they should be trimmed away. Finally, tree limbs and branches occasionally grow too close to utility lines. Contact the utility company to handle such issues.
  • Health – It is sometimes possible to save an infected tree by strategically pruning away affected branches and limbs. Thinning the crown of a tree improves airflow, which can be very beneficial. If branches are crossing or rubbing together, they should be trimmed so that they don’t fall unexpectedly.

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Website for good health and a life free of disease.



These sites aim, if possible, in a comprehensible form to acquaint the reader with a broad range of impacts of bad eating habits, fast-paced life, civilization and other influences on our health and the development of civilization diseases. You can also find instructions and recommendations on how these unfavorable factors largely eliminated and maintain good health into old age, or how to behave when the disease has already occurred, and how to eliminate or at least substantially reduce its impact on the quality života.Toto is now in a time of rapid growth in prices of health care especially timely and reject information, natural and very cheap procedures can only truly ignorant or someone who simply does not count and rear wheels mean it. It must still be considered health as the most precious gift whose value is simply incalculable. Voluntarily assume full responsibility for this gift, not relying on someone to do it for us and admit that pain, disease, and unnecessary premature death is a reward for our ignorance and unwillingness of this precious gift of caring. Take some time for yourself and go back to the time of his youth to full health, strength and mental balance.


Important warning

The information published on this site can not be considered medical advice, I’m not a doctor. These are the lessons learned from many years of self-study and observation, which is my lifelong hobby. These are my opinions or taken and offer more than 25 years of practical experience with these procedures and information. Definitely I recommend reading these pages to persons under 18 years of age and persons with limited legal capacity. Part of the information and methods disclosed herein requires selective and logical thinking, a good gift of observation and common sense, which is not given to everyone. As the author certainly do not accept any responsibility, I can not vouch for dullness, or reckless experimentation. Of course, there is a small but real risk of misunderstanding or performing the above, possibly causing intense detoxification reactions with undesired side effect. Where you are unsure about the process and ask questions, or do not try anything. Your health is too valuable for it to be destroyed by irresponsible attempts.

Removal dysbacteriosis stomach, intestines and body cavities

Most people are willing to accept the need to periodically clean the digestive tract, to further understanding of the issues, which is bakteriokultur behavior in our organism.Various bacteria, yeasts, molds, fungi, nematodes are present in our organism, whether we like it or not. They may be friendly or hostile, professionally symbiosis and dysbiosis.Average human subject in the body possesses several hundred kinds of bacteria and fungi on the total weight of one or more kilograms. The exact amount of these organisms can not be quantified, but due to their size in terms of huge numbers with a large number of zeros.Also, we discover more and more new species. Bacteria and fungi have in our body similar role in nature, which help us digest food. For example, using yeast (Saccharomycethes) in the intestinal tract acquire the necessary vitamins B group of friendly cultures, however, it is usually less than hostile cultures. These hostile cultures prevail in our body and slowly likvidují.V case of an ideal internal coexistence with fungi and bacteria are talking about symbiosis, as is the need for truffles. Natural truffles live in symbiosis with oaks and it is interesting that in the same class as the hub vřeckovýtrusných not very popular parasitic yeast Candida albicans, which in the human body feeds on sugar and its regular supply us rewards neurotoxins that produce short-term euphoria. Fragile coexistence with bacteria and fungi requires on our part rather strenuous care of the environment that they create.Otherwise symbiosis quickly turns into dysbiosis and bacteria and fungi become our enemies. Dysbiosis usually directly related to the increasing number of medical diagnoses.Especially in diseases where current commercial medicine is not very successful, as allergies, skin disorders, immune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, genitourinary inflammation, discharge, depression, and recently cancer.

Doctors in an effort to control these diseases indiscriminately prescribe penicillin and getting stronger and širokospektrálnější antibiotics. Thereby creating a hostile mutated bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics and friendly microorganisms, including fungi, are meaningless antibiotics application extinct, or even mutate into a dangerous form. Many doctors today can not even realize that these drugs kill everything living thing in their path, without any distinction. It even follows from their name anti bios – against life. Do symbiosis, harmonious environment of the human body, fungi and bacteria struck yet another blow from the use of artificial hormones, which radically changes our internal environment, chemistry and activity of organs and digestion. These are mainly corticosteroids and hormonal contraceptives. The work of destruction consummated transition to a totally inappropriate diet, especially the three white poisons. It’s a massive advertising manufacturers still recommended milk, sugar, white flour and any products made from these materials.

If we want this difficult battle with pathogenic strains of win we need from your diet strip out the three white poisons and hardened refined oils and fats, husked rice, football and salt., Artificial colorings known as E numbers, flavorings such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, vinegar and preservatives such as sodium glutamate, benzoic acid, citric acid. Furthermore, significantly reduce or eliminate the consumption of meat, eggs and animal fat. Go to Acidobasic balanced, fibrous, well-balanced, but not carelessly and without knowledge, nature does not like extremes. Maybe many Orthodox macrobiotics is often undesirable overgrowth of yeast in the body because they are used extensively fermented soy products, which are manufactured using the yeast of the genus Aspergillus – for example, tempeh, natto. In addition, mushrooms of the genus produce highly toxic aflatoxin, ranks among the worst category of carcinogens. It is necessary to return to our home in a simple, healthy crops such as buckwheat, millet, rye or barley groats and eating cereals as food soaked, sprouted, or as little heat treated always with raw vegetables or fruit. Detailed dietary approach will discuss in detail in the following pages.Apart from cases of infection directly threatening our lives should be at the same time, if possible, avoid the use of antibiotics, hormones, steroids or other drugs.

The basic solution, as I have already mentioned above, is a fiber-rich diet, composed of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, which works in the digestive tract, such as brush and at the same time is suitable for the propagation of symbiotic Lactobacillus. Detoxification diets, however, is very slow and may, depending on degree of disability take months to years. Therefore choose other appropriate procedures and these processes will support the body’s natural detoxifying other options. Among them are particularly mechanical cleaning using mud, subsequent adjustment of acidity, suppress pathogenic microflora and supplement active probiotic friendly bacteria. Can proceed in the following steps, the sequence nor is it necessary to observe in detail. Some points I have already explained in the previous pages and the others are the logical location for this point.

Discussion on this topic is here

1 – Gastric lavage

2 – Colon Cleansing

3 – Cleansing other body cavities

4 – Adjust the acidity

5 – Disposal of pathogenic microflora

6 – Renewal of active probiotic bacteria


1 – Gastric lavage


When removing dysbacteriosis is appropriate, especially if we start with the cleanup, proceed in the direction of a potential source of contamination. Does not mean much to cleanse the intestines and stomach get infested. After the first meal again pathogenic cultures get further into the digestive tube and turn it slowly infest. For this reason, I recommend to cleanse the stomach and sinuses before the cleansing of the bowel.Subsequent bowel cleansing is then more efficient and has a longer-term results. Only cleansing sankhapraksalanou solves the stomach and intestines at once, and in my view the best.

It will be appreciated that due to aggressive factors, such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, stress and poor diet, leads to long-term irritation and damage to the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum – duodenum to the generated first and inflammatory changes after small erosions and ulcers. The reason for gastric lavage is his anatomical deformation – sag bottom and in the resulting pocket propagation of pathogenic cultures such as the infamous Helicobacter pylori, which causes more than 90% of duodenal ulcers and more than 80% of gastric ulcers.


Helicobacter pylori on gastric mucosa


Anatomical deformation of the stomach and disbacteriosis gradually solve short-term or long starvation in the range of at least one day only distilled water, or a delicious yogic process of internal cleansing Vamanadhautí. Vamana = vomiting, throwing, dhautí = cleansing, purging. Vamanadhautí means “cleansing vomiting.” This cleanup exercise is sometimes called “kuňdžala” or “gesture elephant”. In the treatise Bhaktiságaragrantha about this dhautí he says: “What is known as a gesture elephant, makes the body immune to all diseases. It consists in filling the stomach with water and its subsequent vomiting. The elephant, its trunk sucks water from the river and the trunk can also deleted , so protect your body from all diseases, and so are the person can thus keep a healthy body. like the container with clean water so we can wash the stomach with warm water. “(Aštangajógavarnanda.)

In Europe, often manifests itself to this process some concern bordering on disgust. It’s a shame, because this cleanup process is an integral part of yoga. Deserves to be more practiced, the more it actually is not as terrible as it is from his description predictably. For example vamanadhautí, consisting in filling the stomach with water and its subsequent vomiting, someone told me once claimed: “If I had done this dhautí, I was sick of that week, like every time I get upset stomach!” It is a completely mistaken view. In fact, can not be compared vomiting nausea and vomiting deliberate water without us was wrong. In the first case, a man vomits because he was sick and could not spend. Vomiting clean water in itself is a relief and brings a lot of positives for the functioning of the body. Therefore, until the end of this chapter to get rid of their prejudices; You can go back to them again after reading unless neusoudíte that are unfounded.


What do we influence and what’s not


Now we try to think about what affects the quality of our health and how some unfavorable factors reduced or completely eliminated.

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Contaminant loads and pollutants permanently accept the following ways.

1 – food, dietary supplements and medicines that we consume.

2 – fluids that we drink, or we use for personal hygiene.

3 – stress and mental overload factor in our civilized modern times.

4 – noise, which voluntarily or involuntarily expose.

5 – Radiated electromagnetic fields, along with the whole of our lives and the shining of the sun, or different devices.

6 – air whose quality continues to decline.

Previous points are in order can be a real burden and its potential suggestibility. If you find a list of contaminating factors such as incomplete, I note that we do not resolve the load, which can be avoided entirely, or some of us accept voluntarily and is certainly not necessary for the preservation of life, our job, nor with them count our genetic makeup.

1 – Food, food supplements and medicines.


Consuming foods, dietary supplements and drugs is one of the largest sources of contamination unrivaled our body toxins and waste products, but the positive is very easy suggestibility this burden, where you can usually only want to control and. On the following pages detail we dissect food from various important aspects. In short, it is energy food, state industrial processing, the content of enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids, etc. Generally it comes to eating as little as possible, or with reason, foods minimally treated both thermally and chemically. It had almost everything he touches one or the food industry is generally more harmful than what Mother Nature has supplied.

As an example, for easy understanding of the vast difference in the emerging industrial food preparation will take an ordinary tomato, extremely healthy and tasty food, which in its original unedited state is an excellent source principles, lycopene, carotene, folic acid, the amount of enzymes and vitamins. Thus applied perfectly dissolves and neutralizes acid waste accumulated in the body, improves kidney function, urine excretion, reduces gout and rheumatism, cure hemorrhoids and varicose veins, regulates the production of bile, gall bladder, and strengthens digestion, improves intestinal peristalsis and inflammation of the pancreas. This list is far from exhaustive, but it is clear that this is a cure. Against this, ketchup, tomato also is inlaid acting poison in the body is extremely acidifying and inevitably worsens dramatically majority of diseases that raw tomato heals.

Another aspect is simplicity in food consumed, or if possible not to combine proteins and carbohydrates, these combinations are in our eating although normal, but unfortunately almost indigestible. Strongly impair the function of the colon, the center of our immune system and then easily get sick. Our ancestors ate very simple meals and mortality from lifestyle diseases was minimal, most deaths are signs the low level of hygienic habits, and thus the bacteria and viruses, which nowadays too safe.

My view of the consumption of dietary supplements summarize that in most cases a senseless waste of money based on massive advertising massages and if something positive this consumption brings, that’s a profit of manufacturers, retailers and advertising agencies.You usually only unnecessary additional contamination of the organism pollutants that the body stores in the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and other organs. Consider with me, magnesium-almonds, calcium-freshly ground poppy-Brazilnut selenium, zinc pumpkin seeds, like vitamins A carrot-C-sweet paprika, D-tanning reasonable, E-wheat germ. In addition, in this natural form of vitamins and minerals nepředávkovatelné which a pill can not certainly assert their effect is favorably regulated or augmented present enzymes in pills certainly not. Interesting to pills is also a difference in price and taste.

Last, but very important is contamination of the body drugs, especially their senseless use for which the most important groups of medications are sour stomach and painkillers again massively supported by advertising, bear had good profits. Here I can only shake my head in disbelief thinking over their regular consumers. In both cases these signaling overload our body and senseless reactions when react discarding the protective function. Here I can only use a colloquial word. If you already have to gnaw as divine beast, and then I logically heartburn which is a signal that I probably overreacted and does not eliminate the signal, but remove indigestible contents of his stomach spoiled and next time I will try to eat like a man. Analgesic use is often borders on ignorance. For example, in joints entered acids is reflected unbearable pain and no longer seeking the pill. Here I use the analogy is relatively easy to understand from the area commonly known in culinary arts. I’ll take the pressure cooker and put it on the steep fire. After a short period of time to react the safety valve and the alert us whistling. Almost all normal people withdraw, or completely extinguish the fire, but few simply crushing the butt whistle and waiting to blast scattered the food across the room, or even kill him. At the joint press down rather whistle, waiting for the explosion, why limit the fire by simply subtracting acid intake, or better yet deliver greater amounts of alkaline-reacting foods and whistle to whistle stops itself without painkillers. Not to mention about the operations, their cost and unnecessary suffering in post-operative recovery, which represents the final stage of a pressure cooker explosion.For those of you who still do not understand what advertising resoundingly praised by all possible authorities approved, completely safe medicines condemn only the last line of a complete atheist. God forbid, to get my brain someone else wrapped around his finger.

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2 – Liquids internally and externally.


Good hydration of the body, external and internal body hygiene is one of the areas where we commit ignorance or laziness, and other essential life-threatening mistakes. Drinking beverages produced by food corporations, is certainly familiar from constant promotional trailers, especially alcoholic energy drinks, coffee, beverages based on dairy products, carbonated, variously ochucovaných mineralized water and granulated instant tea, poses for our body unimaginable a very strong contamination, usually in addition associated with a strong diuretic response, which is counterproductive. Basically, the more you drink, the more your body suffers from lack of fluids. If this phenomenon dispassionately I look from the perspective of manufacturers, ideálnějšího nothing you can not even imagine how it’s perpetual motion on a permanent revenue. From the perspective of the customer’s wallet The situation is quite miserable, the more you pay, the more I thirst and as a bonus I acidification of the body, indigestion, and inflammatory diseases of various organs. Here, on the basis of common sense can be controlled by the cheaper, the healthier. Neither non-carbonated bottled drinking water however is not ideal for health and price levels and these are largely contaminated and unnecessarily expensive. Indulge us at least the possibility of this fluid bind to the tissue, and if they drink enough, so the body or destroy dehydration.The same goes for herbal tea in case the senseless use of training reasons. The body on the active drug substance habit and if we in actual disease expected therapeutic effect, so the longer fails. As for the health concerns are perfect baby water and ice, but the price is ridiculously high for ordinary drinking.

From this perspective it seems ideal to have safe drinking water from private wells, which is equally necessary to check from time to time analysis of drinking water quality, but that is unfortunately common, due to the pumping of shallow depth. Try to let you do an analysis of what we flowing home from the tap, and if it is city water, you may be pleasantly surprised that the water is as good as drinking bottled water, which by the way is very likely to be bottled from these orders . Cities tend to have wells drilled, very deep, the water is often quite good quality and considerable good price. For one liter are pennies and save twice, health and money, it is currently full economic reforms certainly good. If neither of the above options are not available, you townee, which flows from the tap anything other than drinking water, do not despair. Get a distillation apparatus, while not cheap, but in the longer term it is a very profitable investment. You get a very good water quality similar to most expensive water from glaciers, and a very reasonable price, the quality is also totally under your control, which is about bottled water say definitely not.

Fluid for internal hygiene should have a similar quality water for drinking or municipal water can be used, but I recommend to overcook it. For the ignorant internal hygiene is substantially as hereinafter with instructions for implementation of the techniques explained thoroughly, eluting the intestines, stomach, nose, sinuses, or eyes and ears. It is carried out mainly for comparison of bacterial microflora, eliminates inflammatory processes, and modification of anatomical abnormalities of individual organs. It is clear that part of the fluid is absorbed and therefore any deterioration in the quality of water is highly counterproductive. No value in removing bacteria, while others clog up the body.

Neither the water used for cleaning the outside should not be too objectionable. Body, especially heavily dehydrated, as is now common enough population, sucks fluid through the skin’s surface, which is usually perceived as a pleasant feeling when bathing. From this perspective, it is not too ideal showering because it takes energy, but it is delicious bath in a tub or pool, especially if you add some aromatic circulation in the skin, or medicinal substance. In this case you can be seen as a hydrotherapy bath, which incidentally is the basis of most spa treatments. The result is almost the same, but the real cost to the bath at the spa or at home will probably be a considerable difference. Personally, I recommend always understood as a therapeutic bath and act accordingly to it and access it. Not only skim the shower, but to maximize the therapeutic effects and enjoy the bath. This will rinse off the skin and nerves.

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3 – Stress and mental exhaustion


This problem is particularly serious. In my opinion this is a very extensive set of factors that we dramatically worsen the acid-base balance, depriving us stockpiles of calcium and essential vitamins and thus actually burden our body twice. Mental exhaustion and stress load have in today’s civilized man is cumulative in nature, and the normal rhythm of life is not a central European with this serious toxic load successfully fight. This develops stealthily creeping failure of our mental health board and toxemia, subsequent organ failure at each other usually not long in coming.

Let’s look again at our distant ancestors. Mental burden of such a nature as is usual nowadays, for example, when studying, sitting at the computer, working at high demands of our employers would probably ever imagined. Their life was burdened by constant duties that are a normal part of our lives. Although stress is a natural part of our lives ever since the human race exists, but it is a form of what is accepted and subsequently degraded.If our ancestor was exposed to danger, whether attacked by a predator, in a fight for territory, food or to protect the family, always after intense mental stress followed by release phases. Be a life saving escape the stress and simply caught his breath, and after a victorious battle was followed by joyous celebrations, with dancing mostly, when there was again a previous erasure of stress.

Previous lines align with the reality of today’s life, rushing to work or school, we are not able means of transport. Following daylong mental burden entirely without moving again means of transport with nervousness during the delay, colaps conditions in traffic jams, maybe even some quarrels. Fall at home on the couch and relax at the TV and salty chips.It really will not last long body and begin to feed the all-powerful pills, which as we know from the commercials are completely harmless. State for a time apparently stabilizes and if Neuber, there is a serious failure.

Deal with stress and mental overload can only be well thought out steps, built of the best as part of a regular daily or weekly mode, which simply do not change from petty reasons.Own health must always be seen as a priority and to adapt his load, not vice versa. Here is a defense much more challenging than the previous two points, food and drink, but at a certain regularity is real. It comes mainly from regular exercise, preferably outdoors and relaxation techniques of meditation after listening to esoteric music. I definitely recommend, but not exaggerate, moderate consumption of wine, optimally in the presence affectionate girlfriend. Under these circumstances, the run-off stress almost guaranteed.Individual options for effective defense will be discussed in detail in subsequent chapters

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4 – Noise


This phenomenon of our time is dangerous particularly for its ubiquity and the fact that often it is the voluntary acceptance of wrongly understood as relaxation and removing stress. His sources are surrounded throughout the day, morning alarm clock, morning news, means of transport, busy intersection, noise at work and in the evening television.

According to the World Health Organization, prolonged exposure to noise above 55 decibels represents a serious nuisance and may trigger the emergence of various diseases.Noise above 65 dB doctors stated that from a long unbearable and demonstrably harms the health of people who are exposed to such value. After five years of stress in a noisy environment is clearly diagnosed by doctors relationship between noise and disease that noise causes or deepens. And now think about how what works for you when noise above 85 dB being very loud music and hearing damage can occur even at short exposure to noise exceeding 130 db. This is slightly noisier than aircraft taking off issues. Very bright is a response to noise as an alarm signal and triggers a variety of mechanisms. Leads to fatigue, depression, annoyance, aggression, unwillingness, impaired memory, loss of attention and an overall reduction in performance. Noise causes hypertension, heart damage, including increased risk of heart attack, decreased body immunity, chronic fatigue and sleeplessness.It is shown that the incidence of lifestyle diseases directly increases the noise environment.

Defense is quite simple, but often socially problematic. Outside the programming search of silence, like the forest, such as relaxation, space disco or rock concert is already wearing ear earbuds or headphones seen as something abnormal and socially unsustainable.Remember the movie Otik of Little Village. This is not to suggest that you identify with it in its relative simplicity, but seek silence, we strongly recommend even at the cost of smaller social FAU pax, of course within the limits of normality understanding of mental health.

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5 – Radiation of electromagnetic fields, radiation from the sun or from different devices.


Radiation mankind throughout its development and can be divided into beneficial and harmful does not burden. Civilization depends on economic growth and electricity gives us more and more new radiation sources, whose impact on our health has not been objectively assessed. Outside solar radiation and infrared spectrum narrow, more or less heat radiation, and other radiation are not, unlike animals, able to perceive. This does not mean that there are no, or do not threaten us, quite the contrary. Already our forefathers have observed a place where you not lie down dog, cat, or they will never become an anthill. Such sites specifically searched before building their settlements, and thus prevent an unnecessary burden radiation, they knew that a long-term cumulative character and is harmful to their health. For example, rats perceive and X-ray and radioactive radiation. Generally it can be summarized that, with few exceptions, it is preferable to radiation sources if possible avoided.

Beneficial reasonably solar radiation in the form of summer sun, where, on the basis of radiation the body produces vitamin D. To make our skin produced a recommended daily dose of vitamin D, expose the entire unclothed body for 1 minute per day sun or clothing to carry out daily hour walk in the fresh air. Only in areas where no sunlight for long periods, particularly during winter months is needed vitamin D supplement food. Therapeutically also recommended radiation and infrared heat to the overall or local warming of the body or bodies. Nothing, however, exaggerate, everything in moderation according to common sense, or many years of proven experience.

Other types of radiation are harmful and at higher cumulative doses and possibly deadly.He does not seem to discuss the importance of radioactive radiation, the hazard is generally known and is normally not meet with him, also not comment on absurd winter indoor tanning, which is a normal person voluntarily fails to issue, but look for home appliances and mobile phones. In a normal household usually many sources of electromagnetic fields, namely, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, fans and radiation namely televisions, home computers, microwave ovens and mobile phones. Those of us in the course of constantly supplying the harmful influence and disturb the perfect functioning of our bodies. While the electromagnetic field while being canceled, but fundamentally we do not threaten, with radiation harmfulness is relatively large. Fatigue during prolonged work at the computer, watching TV or longer knows, probably almost everyone. Prolonged exposure to these devices is very harmful especially for young people and even older definitely do not. Causes visual problems, musculoskeletal problems, psychosomatic problems and serious is the issue of electromagnetic fields generated by the imaging unit.The extraordinary and quite insurmountable, however, is the issue of mobile phones and microwave ovens. These two civilizational achievements constitute an extremely high health risks that will try to shed light on detail.

Researches agree that the impact of using mobile phones on the human body exists, but it is not clearly shown how much radiation is dangerous mobiles. There are studies that suggest a relationship between the use of mobile phones and increased risk of ear tumors.Other work suggests that mobile phones heats the head region at the attachment devices and accelerate the reaction, probably it is not safe. It also became clear that the radiation emitted by cellular phones probably offends human DNA, but so far it is difficult to anticipate how this may impact health. Some studies suggest that the microwave radiation from the phones increases the risk of penetration of harmful substances from the blood to the brain, and in addition to insomnia, mood changes, depression, fatigue, and apparently results from using mobile phones can be migraine and headaches. Furthermore, mobiles may indirectly play a role in the development of certain cancers, leukemia, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and in some cases of epilepsy. I think that the list of possible complications than enough reasonable reader already understands and uses the handsfree kit or landline whenever possible.

Microwave cooking is not only natural, nor healthy, but it is far more dangerous to us than ever who is willing to admit. Concealment of these facts and the evidence in favor of trade and industry is generally known practice. People in blissful ignorance without the knowledge of side effects and dangers of microwaves bombard the food, thinking that it is safe. The basic hypothesis of natural medicine states that the introduction of unusual molecules and energy in the human body are likely to cause more harm than good. In microwave-prepared diets are altered molecules and added energy. Both the food is cooked in a normal manner used since the discovery of fire absent. Microwave energy emitted by the sun and other elements, infrared radiation, based on direct current. Artificially generated by microwaves in a microwave oven are the product of AC current and cause a billion or more polarity reversals per second in each molecule of food to which it encounters. Under these circumstances, the creation of unnatural molecules is inevitable. It was observed that while the natural amino acids exhibit isomeric change – changes a morphological form and the action of microwaves are literally transformed into molds organism toxic. One short-term study to tap into significant, disturbing changes in the blood of individuals, almost immediately after consuming microwaved modified food. The volunteers ate various combinations of the same dishes prepared in different ways and all food processed microwave caused significant changes in their blood. While hemoglobin decreased, increased at all levels of white blood cells and cholesterol. To detect energetic changes in the blood was used luminescent – luminous bacteria. After exposure to blood serum obtained after digest food prepared with microwaves has observed an increase of radiation. If after reading these lines you can see a better time savings over the health and calmly continued to use the microwave and have no choice but to say good taste.

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6 – Air


This point is my list of harmful load last and as such most difficult to influence. Probably only a few are so on top of things, leaving her a good job in a big city, possibly due to poor quality of Central air just moves somewhere in Tibet. Even so, we can relieve a lot of the body, especially those who live in large cities where the air is obviously much worse than somewhere in a small village in the forested mountains. Reduce harmful burden on the necessary period of time, most often associated with the performance of work, time and attendance transportation to work and back. At home, we breathed air quality significantly affect investments such as air washers, in a big city it worthwhile. But even those who at such relatively expensive devices can not maintain a certain protection regime.

Smoking discuss some do not, but the high harmfulness of air fresheners, aerosols and various aroma lamps must mention, capable of causing harm especially to children. Daily use of aerosols, for example, various cleaners, deodorant or hairspray is associated with a 30 percent increase in diarrhea among children and also has a negative impact on health.Those who daily use of air fresheners and aerosols, suffer more headaches and depression.We can generally say that in homes where they use these chemicals is microclimate households worse than the air at the time of smog. Due to heat substances evaporate and their concentration is up to thousands of times higher than in free space. Additionally, the use of air fresheners often overlaps disorder or the presence of mold, which can seriously damage health. Anything, the less the better, and scented air your apartment must use grated orange or lemon zest posed in the towel on the radiator and some fragrant herbs.

If possible, as often head out for the health of the forest, a walk by the river or the mountains. Better organism cleanup be achieved with higher physical stress, such as several hours mountain hike, run through the woods, skiing, mountain biking and summer swimming in natural conditions. It will affect positively not only your physical condition but your tired nerves.IMG_0106IMG_0106